Vinomatos company participates in the AgroExpo 2022 | Spain


Vinomatos company will be in Badajoz, Spain, from March 2nd to 5th, 2022. In the 34th edition of Agroexpo - Feval you will find our field technician Bernardo who will explain to you the mechanized planting services.

In March, this international fair will be the ideal place to learn more about the OLIVA and RÉVOLUTION planting machines fully developed by Vinomatos, as well as joining the mechanized planting services of vines, olive groves, almond groves and various fruit trees.

World leader in mechanized planting, Vinomatos currently has more than 40 planting machines operating worldwide. These are entirely manufactured by the company. 50% are sold to other companies and the other half is used by Vinomatos for the purpose of mechanized planting of vines, olive groves and various fruit trees.

It is a global company that is already installed on all continents, with offices in Portugal, in addition to having a huge store in the city of Ourém (between Lisbon and Porto) where it sells agricultural machinery, construction equipment, DIY tools and gardening, and motor vehicles.

With all this in mind, for the clarification of questions related to the agricultural activity of Vinomatos, you will have at your disposal our experienced agricultural technician Bernardo. He has many years of experience in the agriculture sector in Portugal, Spain and in various terrains worldwide, working with Vinomatos, Oliva and Révolution planting machines, thus knowing their operation and benefits.

As a meeting place for several companies, the Agroexpo International Fair is a major event dedicated to the agricultural machinery, agriculture and food industry that takes place annually. In addition to the exhibitors, it is a fair that is distinguished by the innovation awards given to companies and the various lectures. This fair assumes itself as the promotional, professional and commercial platform par excellence of the Iberian market, given the high esteem it has in the sector and its unbeatable location, as a bridge to the Portuguese market.

An unmissable fair for anyone who works in Agriculture and, therefore, Vinomatos could not fail to participate in this renowned event. Feel free to ask questions to our field technician Bernardo.


Agroexpo – Feval 2022

Location: Don Benito, Badajoz, Spain


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