Vinomatos planting machine is revolutionizing the agricultural sector


Officially presented in September 2021, and just four months later, the Révolution planting machine is successful worldwide. This innovative planting machine, fully developed by our company Vinomatos, is already making the rounds.

It is in the United States that two representatives of the Vinomatos company are seeing the surprising reaction of those who hear about Révolution. It is being presented at two of the world's biggest agriculture fairs, the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium 2022 and the World AG Expo 2022.

When looking at the Vinomatos stand, passersby give their word to Mr. Georges Mandrafina, founder and managing partner of the company, and to Leandro, the salesperson responsible for the export part. Both welcome the curious at the stand and from there the journey through the Vinomatos world is immersive.

The latest Vinomatos novelty leaves no one indifferent. The new GPS-guided planting machine, Révolution, was designed and manufactured by Vinomatos, having been officially presented at the grand opening to the public of the new Vinomatos commercial space in Ourém. This corresponds to an innovative machine for planting vineyards, olive groves, almond groves and various fruit trees.

The innovation of this Révolution planting machine lies in its ability to uniquely allow the entire planting and wiring project to be carried out in the same passage and regardless of the morphological characteristics of the terrain, guaranteeing perfect alignment. “Instead of contracting with several companies, with Vinomatos and our machine, people are able to have an integral solution, from the materials to the execution of the plantation in a single pass”, at the same time that it is an environmentally friendly solution because “the our machine makes it possible to avoid wasting water and to obtain 100% of the plants alive”, explains Georges Mandrafina.

In a single pass, the Révolution machine does the planting and wiring, placing:

- Tutor

- Plant with localized irrigation

- Intermediate post

- Wire

- Drip tube

- Fertilizer

Mechanized Planting Services with GPS

It is from Caxarias, a town in the municipality of Ourém, that Révolution is designed, improved and manufactured. Afterwards, Révolution is used to provide mechanized planting services for vines, olive groves, almonds and fruit trees in Portugal and worldwide, by Vinomatos, but there are also machines that are sold to other companies that are providing planting services in different parts of the world, because it is a machine that gives a high performance.

As a leader in mechanized planting, Vinomatos provides services in 12 countries, four continents, with more than 40 planting machines. “We only need Australia and South Africa”, says Georges Mandrafina, with the prospect that it will be a short time to reach these goals. The Portuguese market welcomed Révolution last year, 2020, “but the machine did not have the capacity we have today, because it has now been improved, it is almost the last generation of Révolution and in 2022 we are predicting that we will have the machine completely autonomous, that is, today it needs five people but in the future the machine will be autonomous”.

Expansion of the company worldwide

Vinomatos is celebrating its 25 years of active presence in Portugal this year 2022, however, the story began much earlier and has spread to several countries worldwide.

The company and its founder and managing partner have over 40 years of experience in the market. The path led the company to the title of No. 1 in GPS-guided mechanized planting services while also selling renowned brands of tractors, machinery and equipment dedicated to agriculture, professional and domestic DIY and civil construction. Based in the parish of Caxarias, in Ourém, Vinomatos launched in 2021 its own brand of agricultural tractors with powers from 25 hp to 55 hp, which aroused the interest of those looking for excellent quality at the best prices.

Vinomatos has grown in its installed capacity. In 2021, a new commercial space was opened in the Industrial Zone of Casal dos Frades, in Ourém (Portugal), with more than 2400 m2 of covered area. Attentive to market trends, and in order to provide a complete response to its customers, Vinomatos currently has a wide range of motorcycles, tractors, machines and equipment dedicated to agriculture, professional and domestic DIY and civil construction.