Christmas gift ideas for kids and adults


Christmas gift ideas for kids and adults

One month before Christmas, Vinomatos brings you ideas to put on your shoes.

When this time comes, it's time to start thinking about what will be offered at the most magical time of year. Think about what you will offer to the little ones and the big ones. The list starts small, but soon it is more and more painted with ideas for gifts for Manuel, Maria, his father-in-law and without forgetting his goddaughter. The choice of gifts quickly becomes a difficult task, especially for those who do not intend to give the famous chocolate.

To ease these moments of constant indecision, Vinomatos came to help. We filled the store in Ourém with several options. From 2 years old to 95, you can find in the newly opened commercial space several options and a technical service to inform and advise you.

Suggested Gifts: toys for children

In the toy world, Vinomatos now has a wide offer. Until the end of November 26th (Black Friday), toys are available on sale at Vinomatos:


DISCOUNT TOY corta-relva robô OF THE BRAND Husqvarna

Both are available at the Vinomatos store in the Casal dos Frades Industrial Zone ( Ourém, Portugal ) ! You can also order them through the website and even discover many other toys available.

For children of different ages, the options are many. Imagine the child playing amusingly on the pedal tractor, sitting on it and being able to handle the trailers, agricultural implements or even the front loader. The fun moment increases when your little friend gets together with the garden tools. The child puts on gloves, puts on a protective helmet, glasses and ear protection. All prepared for work, the child picks up the Husqvarna chainsaw as a toy and, when he clicks on the toy button, he sees the chainsaw chain turning, ready to help parents with their wood-cutting jobs.

Certainly, in the middle of the games, many other forms of entertainment will be found by children. At the same time that they gain contact with agricultural, gardening and construction machinery and equipment, they enjoy moments of creativity and fun alone or with friends.

At the Vinomatos Store, there are many toys that light up the eyes of the little ones and adults. Models related to agriculture, gardening and civil construction introduce children to a fun time building large buildings or planting the first yard.

The toys available make the little ones at home have fun with themselves and those around them, while allowing the child to develop a sense of creativity and imagination.

Wrap up a toy and enjoy the magic of Christmas with your own!

Gifts suggestion for adults

With the children's gift already in the shoe, it's time to think about the adults at home and friends. Those who like useful gifts will soon find a solution in our store in Ourém.

Agriculture lovers will always find use in pruning shears, stainless steel vats to store such tasty wine and agricultural tools.

Many are the flowers we've been selling along with gardening gloves, wheelbarrows, and other gardening tools that have become excellent gift suggestions for Christmas (and beyond).

The DIY / DIY section brightens the eyes of those who like to spend hours solving small problems or building great works of art. In this section, you will find from professional tools (drills, screwdrivers, angle grinders and many more), to the possibility of building a basket with a set of small DIY utilities, with glues, seals, screws, protective boots, helmet, measuring tape and various hand tools.

And so, quickly and efficiently, he filled the Christmas shoes and the base of the Christmas tree.

These were just suggestions for gifts for children and adults that you can easily build at the Vinomatos Store in Ourém, in the Casal dos Frades Industrial Zone. We are open every day from Monday to Sunday, so you can visit us and ask for advice from in-store technicians.

We are also available to you through different digital channels, with personalized online service.

Count on us and fill your Christmas with joy.

Visit us in Ourém!