Vinomatos participates in the São Bartolomeu Fair in Caxarias


Vinomatos company will participate in the São Bartolomeu Fair ("Feira de São Bartolomeu"), better known as the "Feira das Panelas", on the 28th and 29th of August in Caxarias (Ourém).

Since Vinomatos is headquartered in the parish of Caxarias, although with its Store in Casal Touro, we considered it important to participate in this traditional festival in the area. The "Feira de São Bartolomeu", more commonly known as the "Feira das Panelas", has been in existence for years, and is usually held at the end of August at the same time as the festival in this town in the municipality of Ourém.

This year, our specialist agricultural company will be present with the full range of new agricultural tractors under our own brand. Vinomatos tractors from 25 to 55 hp will be on display, accompanied by an experienced agricultural professional for a close and quick clarification of all the questions that may be raised.

With powers of 25 hp, 40 hp, 48 hp and 55 hp, Vinomatos agricultural tractors were launched in the current year of 2021. They are machines suitable for the daily work in Agriculture, combining quality with low prices and technical characteristics differentiators:
- Equipped with renowned YANMAR or HM engines
- Modern and functional instruments
- High ergonomics
- Excellent maneuverability
- Low CO2 emissions (Phase V)
- Japanese origin
- Sleek and attractive design.

The new generation of compact tractors has conquered the market. Most models of Vinomatos tractors are equipped with recognized state-of-the-art Yanmar engines, with two models having powerful HM engines.

The São Bartolomeu Fair in Caxarias is one of the oldest in the municipality of Ourém. It was created between 1293 and 1325, in the land of Caxarias, and the root of this toponymy is a derivative of “Caxaria”, which in turn comes from Old Portuguese, meaning “land where there are oaks”.

In addition to the exhibition of Vinomatos tractors and the knowledge that visitors can acquire about our company's wide offer, at this fair they will be able to have access to various tools and utensils. This Fair brings together a number of vendors selling crafts and clay pots, wooden utensils and handcrafted tools.

We look forward to your visit to our stand at "Feira de São Bartolomeu", on Rua de São Bartolomeu in Caxarias (Ourém municipality), from the 28th of August at 2 p.m. until the 29th of August at 7p.m. We are waiting for you!