New: Vinomatos has more equipment and industrial machinery for sale


Vinomatos, Lda, is the new dealer of machines for the Construction and Industry sectors that are manufactured by the well-known Spanish brand IMCOINSA.

Vinomatos, in addition to being a leading provider of agricultural planting services for vines, olive groves, almonds and fruit trees, has gained relevance as a brand that sells agricultural implements, agricultural machinery, gardening and maintenance items, and also for construction and industry.

At a time when Vinomatos is about to open a new store in Ourém, it has just become a reseller of the prestigious Imcoinsa. Founded in 1985, this renowned company is an example of the best machine manufacturing for Construction and Industry, from Spain to Vinomatos in Portugal/France.


As part of Imcoinsa's strategy of working with the best global brands and providing its customers with a reliable choice in the quality and safety of industrial machines, Vinomatos, IMCOINSA's dealer, has several quality industrial machines, such as: vibrating trays, vibrating cylinders, asphalt cutters, rammers or mechanical trowels.

We value the trust our customers place in our agricultural, construction and gardening machinery and equipment. We pride ourselves on having local and global partnerships that bring you the security of using certified quality equipment.

The future of Construction and Industry is to have reliable machines and equipment that can be used for long hours while guaranteeing maximum safety and convenience to the user. Therefore, we entrust to our customers the machines for Construction and Industry manufactured by IMCOINSA, which are already available at the Vinomatos Showroom in Ourém. Our commercial and technical team is at your disposal!