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Vinomatos is the protagonist in the RTP2's Make Rain Make Sun program, distinguishing itself for being a world leader in mechanized planting of vineyards, olive groves, almonds and fruit trees. The episode of the new season of this television program was broadcast on March 20, 2021, at 7:30 pm, on RTP 2. Vinomatos, Lda., The world leader in mechanized planting guided by GPS, is the highlight of this television program dedicated to Agriculture in Portugal.

In the report of the RTP2 program, you can see and get to know Vinomatos' work in the field up close. Our company was born in 1997 and is currently the world leader in mechanized planting. The company's activity focuses mainly on the manufacture of planting machines - Oliva and Révolution - and on the mechanized planting of vineyards, olive groves, almonds and fruit trees.

The technology of our GPS-guided planting machines allows for the global mapping of the land and defines the point of each plant. Our planting machines do 4 operations in a single pass: placing the tutor, the plant, doing localized irrigation and unwinding the tube drop by drop. With a margin of error of one centimeter that does not accumulate. The same as saying that they are planting machines with perfect alignment!

The Oliva machine is capable of planting around 6,800 plants per day, as stated by Vinomatos field technician, Tiago Martinho. Vinomatos' refined techniques are different from what is done in Portugal and abroad. The future of agriculture is mechanization and Vinomatos is a leader in this promising future for agriculture.

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"Faça Chuva Faça Sol" is a television program about the panorama of Agriculture in Portugal, presenting the current situation in the rural world where tradition and technology are paving the way for the future. "The best of Portuguese Agriculture, which opens horizons for a new vision of the rural world and the economy of the future, every Saturday at the end of the afternoon", underlines RTP2 in the presentation of the episode in which Vinomatos is highlighted.

In this Program:

Presented by the European Commission, the Prado ao Prato Strategy, "From Farm to Fork", aims to guarantee access to healthy food and, at the same time, reduce the environmental footprint of its food system. Despite not having a binding character, it is to be hoped that these ambitions will guide the new Common Agricultural Policy that is yet to be closed, but knowing in advance that it will condition support to good environmental practices. Until the final version of the CAP is known, how does the agricultural sector view this strategy? In this program, be aware of the positions of some of the most relevant structures of farmers in the country.

Also discover the work of Vinomatos, the world leader in mechanized planting. Observe the potential of these machines, which are distinguished by making the global mapping of the land and defining the point of each plant.

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