VITIS 2020/2021 - changes to applications and payment requests

According to the IFAP portal, applications to the VITIS program for agriculture have undergone some changes to be taken into account. The functionalities for registering requests for changes to applications, as well as for registering requests for payment of investments made and release guarantees for approved applications for the 2020/2021 campaign, with beneficiaries and registered entities being able to register in My Process » Applications »Regime to Support the Restructuring and Conversion of Vineyards (VITIS)» Campaign 2020/2021 (beneficiaries) or in Forms and Applications Management (registered entities), similarly to what was used for the registration of applications.

Application changes

As defined in the 2020/2021 Campaign Opening Notice, requests for changes to applications may be registered until 6/15/2021, this period being not extendable.

To register change orders, applications must be in the Selected (approved) state, and it is necessary to create a new version of the application, using the “Replace” button.

As a result of making investments or submitting the planting declaration to SIVV, if there are any changes compared to what was approved in the VITIS 2020 application, which do not fall under the situations provided for in paragraph 4 of article 12 of Ordinance no. 220 / 2019 of July 16, a request for amendment to the application must be submitted.

These alteration requests must be submitted before the payment request is submitted prior to the on-the-spot check, and cannot imply increases in areas or in the value of approved aid. It will also not be possible to submit an amendment request with a score of criteria of priority lower than the application class of the 2020 campaign pro-rata, that is, the changes in question cannot imply a score below 40 points, as defined in point 11 16 of Ordinance 220/2019 of 16 July.

Support for the VITIS application

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