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The New Generation of Massey Ferguson Tractors

Direct and maintenance-free technology!

When buying a tractor, new or used, everything must be taken into account.

Initial investment? Maintenance? Consumption? Productivity?

Whatever your sector of activity, Massey Fergusson - MF has the right tractor to meet your work needs and provide the benefit of doing it in a simple, efficient and economical way, integrating innovative solutions that make a difference.

Depending on its objective, Vinomatos provides technical advice and offers the best financing conditions for the purchase of the new MF tractor. This pre- and post-sale advice is part of the partnership that nominates Vinomatos official dealer Massey Ferguson.

The new generation of Ferguson tractors is equipped with AGCO engines that integrate the award-winning All-in-One technology. Simple and efficient, it does not use components that add complexity to the operation of the engine, which makes the SCR All-in-One maintenance free for the life of the tractor. These engines reach maximum power at low speed resulting in greater engine life and fuel economy.

Compact, conventional and specialized Massey Ferguson tractors

The MF has the right tractor for the right task, whether it is working in large areas, more contained spaces or specialized jobs.The compact series of MF tractors, ideal for small agricultural operations such as spraying, milling and sowing, is recognized for its versatility, capacity and simplicity of control. MF strengthened the response of these compact mf tractors with the introduction of the hydrostatic transmission powered by the 3-cylinder engine, reflected in smoother, controlled and effortless movements, with a low investment and low maintenance cost!

Simple and Professional Efficiency! This is how conventional MF tractors are known. Modern high performance tractors, prepared to work in the toughest conditions, in agricultural field work and in cargo and transport operations. Manufactured with the latest technology, agricultural tractors integrate engines of 3, 4 or 6 cylinders, with the award-winning All-in-One system, a new efficient transmission system, low maintenance and a high level of comfort. This is the best cost-benefit commitment for any sector of activity.

The new specialized MF tractors have been thought to be extremely effective with low maintenance cost and low consumption, to make your business more profitable. Its engine responds to the most demanding operations and the use of the most diverse implements, with several options of front loaders for greater versatility. The versions of wine tractors and fruit tractors provide the required dimensional characteristics without compromising the power and comfort of the driver to work for several hours, regardless of weather conditions.

When buying, make the right choice. Vinomatos is available to clarify and advise you. Take advantage of our financing solutions for agriculture and do not miss the opportunity to purchase a high performance tractor at unmissable conditions!

A tractor is only as good as its weakest link!

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