Vinomatos sells gardening equipment – find out our Toro lawnmowers


Vinomatos company has just signed a partnership with the leading global lawn and landscape maintenance brand, the Toro Company.

Vinomatos, in addition to being a leader in providing agricultural planting services for vineyards, olive groves, almonds and fruit trees, has gained relevance as a brand that sells items for agriculture, gardening and construction.

In the field of gardening, Vinomatos has machines and equipment suitable for your home and also for your business. It is therefore not to exclude the importance of this partnership with the worldwide well-known Toro brand. We can count on Toro company’s lawnmowers that will help you take care of your lawn at home, as well as lawnmowers suited to care for golf courses, sports fields, public green spaces, lawnmowers for commercial and residential spaces.

We value the trust our customers place in our agricultural, construction and gardening machinery and equipment, as is the case with these new Toro lawnmowers. We are proud to have local and global partnerships that bring you the security of using certified quality equipment.

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