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Construction work on the Vinomatos store in Ourém, Portugal, is progressing rapidly, and it will be a large space in a total of 2400 m2 of covered exhibition.


“… the dream commands life,
And that whenever a man dreams,
The world jumps and moves forward,
Like colorful ball
Between the hands of a child

           Composers: António Gedeão / Manuel Freire


This is the dream taking shape! A dream rooted in a journey of enormous growth for Vinomatos in Portugal since 1997. Growth made by innovation, progress, technology and know-how made available to its partners in the agricultural sector. In terms of the provision of planting services, commercialization of agricultural equipment from trusted and globally recognized brands and, mainly, in terms of the design of their own planting machines that have been pioneering and revolutionary in mechanized planting guided by GPS and that have contributed decisively for the consolidation of Vinomatos as a world leader in mechanized planting.

The new stage of this dream is Vinomatos' new store in Casal dos Frades Industrial Zone, in Ourém (Portugal), whose work has already started and which should be completed in November 2021. This new adventure seeks to empower the company of a space dedicated to your client, in which he can count on the best technical advice and a complete answer to your needs.

This space, in the Casal de Frades Zone, will have a total of over 2400 m2 of covered exhibition aimed at the sale of Fendt and Massey Ferguson tractors, agricultural materials and equipment with the quality seal of the prestigious brands Husqvarna, Del Morino and VBC, and DIY and maintenance equipment Hikoki, Nilfisk. Vinomatos also extended its area of ​​activity to the sale of industrial machines, such as Liugong. We have on display all this equipment as well as several agricultural machines: crushers, new and used tractors, lawnmowers, weeding machines, lawn mowers and many other materials and equipment that make a difference in modern agriculture.

The new Vinomatos facilities will be the ideal stage to showcase the GPS-guided mechanized planting machine in its current version, the OLIVA II, and also the new planting machine RÉVOLUTION capable of changing the agricultural sector worldwide. Once again, the dream takes over life and by the hands of its managing partner, Mr. Georges Mandrafina, Vinomatos has designed a machine that will allow simultaneous planting and planting work, being such a complete answer that it will be a profound change with optimized results.

While we wait for the opening of this unique space for exhibition, assistance and advice, we leave the suggestion for you to pay us a visit to our headquarters in Caxarias and our showroom in Seiça ( Ourem ).

2021 is an important year for Vinomatos and we want you to be a part of it. We are waiting for you!

Vinomatos' Store - Future Installations Project

For more information, send us your message: Vinomatos - World Leaders in Mechanized Planting

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