Tonkin bamboo for decoration, agriculture, horticulture and other purposes


We sell Tonkin bamboo that can be used in horticulture, agriculture, indoor and outdoor decoration or other purposes. bamboo can replace the use of wood for almost any application. Paper, flooring, furniture, coal, building materials and more. Bamboo is a 100% natural material, very robust and especially flexible. We export Tonkin bamboo to Portugal, France and around the world.

Tonkin Bamboo Tutor

Bamboo Canes

The Pseudosasa Amabilis , or Tonkin Bamboo as it is best known, is a species native to China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. Our bamboo tutors are thicker and more resistant, so they belong to the batch that is classified as of superior quality .

You can choose the sizes and diameters you need. A bamboo cane can be up to 6 meters high, and our variety of sizes always results from the first cut made at the base of the bamboo canes. In this way, we make sure that our bamboo is always the thickest, as it is close to the base that the bamboo canes are more resistant.


- Suitable for different uses: bamboo tutors for agriculture, coverings, bamboo for indoor or outdoor decoration, agricultural plantations, vines, olive trees, fruit trees, plants, horticulture, gardens , among others ;

- Tonkin bamboo is resistant to rain, cold, drought, heat and wind;

- Classified as superior quality;

- Long-lasting and resistant to color wear;

- Tested and inspected;

- Bamboo is a 100% natural, sustainable and biodegradable product, and bamboo forests are one of the largest means of absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2) on the planet.

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Bamboo for Decoration

Bamboo is increasingly used in modern decor with elements of nature, being recognized for being a sustainable product of superior quality. Bamboo canes are used in various interior and exterior decoration objects, such as crafts, cladding, room separators, internal lining and structural beams, baskets, vases, among other decorative uses.

The bamboo in the decoration gives a touch of originality to decorative items and a feeling of comfort and naturalness in different spaces, from houses to leisure spaces. The various possibilities offered by bamboo for decoration have made this natural product highly valued by professionals in interior decoration and interior architecture.

Bamboo Canes for Agriculture | Gardening | Horticultures

In mechanized planting of vineyards, planting olive groves and planting fruit trees, Vinomatos uses bamboo, metal, fiber or wood tutors. Bamboo cane or bamboo tutor for agriculture serves as a support for plant growth, helping them to grow in a healthy way. Hollow bamboo canes also provide an excellent shelter for insects, thus ensuring that your plants are naturally fed and protected.

Can be used for tutoring olive, almond and various types of plants , which is an important advantage for agriculture. The most frequent uses are:

- bamboo tutors for vines

- bamboo tutors for olive trees / olive groves

- bamboo tutors for plants.

In addition to their use in agricultural plantations, they are widely used as guardians of shrubs and young trees in gardening. For example, as decorative bamboo in garden construction or in floral arrangements.

Can be used as a tutor for young plants, create a support for climbing plants…

Bamboo tutoring company

Vinomatos sells bamboo tutors for different purposes: agriculture, decoration, horticulture or others. We are based in Portugal and France, but we sell to several locations, exporting to the various continents of the world. We are fast, reliable and flexible to meet the needs of our customers. You determine the delivery time, the quantity of delivery and the frequency of delivery of your orders.

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