New Building Foundations Opening - July 2020


The foundation is the structure responsible for absorbing all the loads emitted by the building and distributing them to the ground.

For any work to remain in place without ruptures and without suffering instability, a foundation is needed. So, foundations are structures responsible for transmitting the loads of the buildings to the ground and, therefore, they must have adequate resistance to withstand all tensions.

For this structure to be really effective, the soil must have adequate strength and stiffness in order not to suffer breaks or deformations that compromise the construction.

These were the tasks in these last two weeks of work, and they are now completed satisfactorily.

In the coming weeks we will give way to the construction of the main structure that will give shape and greater visibility to the group of companies of the Vinomatos Group.

Vinomatos company is specialist in mechanized planting of vineyards, with over 30 years of experience in satellite planting. We have been working on the most beautiful terrains around the world.

The company today has a history in the agricultural sector that makes it the benchmark in terms of mechanized planting.

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