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Bamboo Canes

Pseudosasa Amabilis, or Tonkin Bamboo as it is better known, is a species native to China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. However, there are other species that have been naturalized in regions such as Western Europe, Africa or North America. This can reach 6 to 7 meters in height.

It was during a visit to a region of China by the founder of Vinomatos, Georges Mandrafina, that we made contact with our current supplier. Our founder, after seeing the long manual work that bamboo canes are subjected to and seeing live the quality of them, decided to establish this partnership.

Tutor Bambu Tonkin

Bamboo canes, before arriving at our facilities, or even in your hands, are subjected to a long process of manual treatment. When the bamboo cane is picked, the bamboo canes are dirty, twisted and with a lot of leaves. They are then subjected to a first cleaning process for further classification.

Tutor Bambu Tonkin

The bamboo canes that are thicker inside, as shown in the image above, are then separated from the others and classified as bamboo canes of superior quality, the rest being set aside and subject to new evaluation.

When we say that our bamboo is of a higher quality than that offered by most other brands, we speak precisely in this second treatment and selection process. Our bamboo tutors are from the lot that is classified as of superior quality, after which bamboo canes are cut to the sizes we request.


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We remember that a bamboo cane can be up to 6m high, and our variety of sizes always results from the first cut made at the base of the bamboo canes. In this way, we make sure that our bamboo is always the thickest, as it is close to the base that bamboo canes are more resistant.

When we speak of the diameter of the bamboo tutor, we speak precisely of the total width of the bamboo cane, at its base, where the cut is made. In other words, when we say that a bamboo tutor is 0.90 m high and 10/12 in diameter, we mean that at the base of the bamboo cane, the cut may vary between 10 and 12 millimeters, and this diameter varies along the length of the cane.

The bamboo cane, or bamboo tutor, in the way it is applied and used in agriculture, has a part buried in the earth, and the remaining part that remains on display is attached to the plant, serving as support for the plant's growth, helping them to grow in a healthy way, maintaining the desired shape.

It is in this way that Vinomatos, Lda. Can attest that the bamboo canes that we sell are durable, sustainable, resistant to color wear, tested and inspected. We are fast, reliable and flexible to meet the needs of our customers. You determine the delivery time, the quantity of delivery and the frequency of delivery of your orders. All the measures we present on sale are in stock and as such we can guarantee same day deliveries, as long as ordered and agreed in advance.


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