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Agricultural monocoque trailers

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Agricultural monocoque trailers, 2 or 3 axles, with springs, 1 or 2 titling cylinders, hydraulic brake, rear door with hydraulic opening

10000 to 24000 kg

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Frame in high elastic limit steel.

Variable thickness of 5 and 10 mm according to the size of the trailer.

Rotary coupling axle.

Drawbar with hydraulic leg in all models.

Boggie tandem with springs and hydraulic brake 

Boqqie tridem with two autodirectionnal axles 

Standard tookit in all models.

Large volume conical metallic monocoque box with 1.5 m height.

High rear titling angle through two hydraulic cylinder

Access ladder to the interior of the box.

Rear door with hydraulic opening.

Independents brake system


Hydraulic brake service, with linkage to the tractor through a 3/8” hose with quick brake valve, driven simultaneously to the motor brake


Mechanical parking brake, manually driven, placed at the center of the trailer.

Titling hydraulic system independent with hydraulic piston pump of 80 lt/min. 

Hook to hold the cover.