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Defoliator Vine

New product

Vine Defoliator - With Wheels

Multifunctional agricultural machine sold by Vinomatos to which different tools can be applied for pruning, green and leafless pruning by means of a simple, fast and effective hook.

Strong and reliable, it is manufactured in compliance with all safety standards and applicable to any tractor, and can be mounted on the front or rear.

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Technical details

  • Complete quick coupling head;
  • Cutting height of 500mm;
  • Operation with 3 hydraulic motors;
  • Complete with anti-shock system;
  • Force limiting valve (Torque);
  • Rubber Nr.1 in vulcanized Teflon;
  • Fully revisible turbine;
  • Gears with chain drive;
  • Piping included and fully equipped;
  • Adjustable working height from 600mm to 1100mm;
  • Machine weight: 80Kg.