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Landini Trekker

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The Landini Trekker F and M are specialized crawler tractors offering enhanced features in terms of performance, ergonomics, functionality and design.

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 Low centre of gravity, high tractive capacity, reduced soil compaction and 18 in. (450 mm) track shoes giving a total tractor width of 69 in. (1750 mm) allow the Trekker M to work on sloping orchards and open fields in complete safety.

The driving seat mounted on a platform suspended on silent-blocks is equipped with ergonomic controls and adjustable sprung seat for maximum driver comfort.

The new Perkins 1104D (Tier 3) 4-cylinder naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines delivering 74, 83, 92.5 and 98.5 hp (ISO rating), are specially designed to provide superior performance for farming applications. The range includes eight models with different engine options and track widths for added versatility and maximum productivity.

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