Landini 6L Series

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Developed to replace the popular Landpower range, the 6L Series has been launched on the European market in three models: The 6-145L, 6-160L and 6-175L.

Powered by 16-valve, 4.5-liter Tier 4 Interim engines with SCR system that deliver 143, 163 and 176 hp, these tractors are ideally suited for all kinds of field work, including heavy-duty applications.

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The tilt-up hood opens wide to provide easy access to the engine compartment for routine service and maintenance and the coolers located in front of the radiator open fully from a single latch to provide easy cleaning in dusty conditions.

Featuring a capacious 270-liter fuel tank, with the AdBlue tank holding up to 38 litres, these fuel-efficient tractors offer longer run times between refuelling stops. The 6L Series comes standard with synchro shuttle.

A power shuttle with 3-speed powershift is available on request. The transmission can be optionally equipped with a creep gearbox that delivers speeds as low as 410 m/h. The hydraulic system delivers a flow rate of 87 l/min to operate all hydraulic functions plus 38 l/min for the steering circuit. The system offers up to five electro-hydraulic remote valves and a ground speed PTO as standard.

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