Turnkey project: 

Vinomatos is specialized in "Turnkey" programs, offering full support during all the project.

We guarantee the constant monitoring of the cultures, thanks to the skills of our engineers and technicians on the field.

The program includes:  

- Land research and analysis;

- Evaluation to determine plant varieties, fertilization and crop methods, as well as the profitability of the project;

- Land preparation;

- Fertilization;

- Implementation of the irrigation system;

- Plant and bamboo canes; 

- Implementation of the trellising system ; 

- Supply of fertilizers, irrigation system, plants, bamboo canes, trellising material and all mechanical equipment, hydraulic and GPS;

- Advices and technical assistance;

- A pedagogical mission to respect the environment and the need to implement a sustainable agriculture. 

Vinomatos also provides stakes of treated wood that are produced from slow-growing pine trees with high mechanical strength.

The mechanical resistance to winds and the weight of the vegetation is insurmountable and its conical shape makes it difficult to get out of the ground.

Vinomatos also offers a range of agricultural accessories, such as pliers, gripples and trellising of superior durability at competitive prices, as well as a wide range of nets, ties, tensioners and galvanized chains.

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Land preparation 
land preparation
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