Vinomatos is specialized in orchard planting services 

With the GPS-driven planter, our company has carried out work in several regions of the country, for example, in the West. This equipment allows you to make your plantation with centimetric rigor and unique precision, monetizing the time. 

The mechanized plantation of orchards, such as apple, pear, almond and pomegranate trees is one of the specialties of our company that has been winning the market, due to the advantages associated with mechanized planting and GPS.

Vinomatos is specialized in Turnkey programs, whith full support during all the project.

We guarantee a constant monitoring of the cultures, thanks to the skills of our engineers and the relocation of our technicians to the place. 

orchard mechanized planting

Almond trees plantation, one of the species we work with. 

plantaçao amendoeiras