Olive tree mechanized planting  

Today we have a story to tell in this sector thanks to our experience with planting machines working on the field. 

In Andalusia, Spain, for example, we have planted thousands of hectares of olive trees.

Some plantations are now around 15 years-old and it can be visited in order to understand the evolution of a super intensive olive grove.

Also in Portugal, Vinomatos has increased its area of activity, with several projects in the region of Alentejo, namely in the district of Beja and the region of Aljustrel.

Here, we can highlight two planting projects, each one with over 400 hectares of olive trees, by using the satellite-guided planting machine. Besides the Alentejo, also in the North of Portugal, our company has carried out many planting projects. 

The "OLIVA" planting machine allows the execution of perfect plantations with great precision, maximizing the time of planting process and monitizing your projects. 

Vinomatos | 400Ha Plantation Project


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