Vinomatos is specialized in vineyard mechanized services, with more than 30 years of experience. Our company has been working in the most beautiful lands of France.

The company has a story to tell in this sector ant it is a reference in terms of mechanized planting. In Andalusia, for example, Vinomatos has planted thousands of hectares of olive trees.

We are leaders in vineyard planting, using our GPS-guided planting machine, unique in the world. 

Turnkey Project for vineyards planting:

- Research, land analysis, evaluation to determine plant varieties, fertilization methods and crops;

- Land preparation;

- Fertilization;

- Implementation of irrigation system;

- Plants and bamboo canes;

- Trellising straucture

We are specialists in turnkey programs that offer the investor or owner full support during the project. The planting machinery is guided by GPS, which allows a precise alignment and minimum error margins.

GPS allows working in bad conditions, such as low visibility on the field, due to the rain, dust, fog and darkness, and it is an important factor in the increasing of the productivity. 

It is an advanced planting machine, because it allows a quick and precise planting process. With this system, you can save time and money. 

vineyard planting

vineyard planting

Our company has more than 30 machines planting worldwide, in countries such as France, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. 


With this system you can save time and money, monetizing your production.