Metallic Tutors

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Metallic Tutors

Are you looking for solutions for planting in extreme conditions? Vinomatos has launched a promotion on Metallic Tutors at exceptional prices! We thus extend our products and services to all who need them, even if they are not currently actual customers of the company.

Vinomatos company is specialized in agriculture materials and plantations. We always search for the best solutions to the agricultural sector and our company looks for the best solutions in order to give to our customers the best products and services, always at very competitive prices.

Vinomatos Metallic Tutors ( iron stakes / steel stakes ) are suitable for planting in rocky terrains or in extreme conditions for agriculture. Vinomatos is the world leader in GPS-guided mechanized planting and as every year we plant thousands of plants all over the world it is often necessary to have extreme solutions for extreme conditions.

The option for Metallic Tutors gives the possibility of reuse, since thousands and thousands of plants are planted every year. It allows greater profitability over time, generating earnings for your business or farm, and there is also the option of reselling them if they no longer make sense to you. Vinomatos Metallic Tutors are perfectly suitable for you agricultural business!

Our Metallic Tutors are rigid and durable, quick and easy to install, and come with the option of smooth or ridged rods. These Metallic Tutors are also specially adapted to fix protectors.

At a time when many entrepreneurs are looking for reliable, sustainable and economical solutions to start their plantations for 2021, Vinomatos, Lda. leading company in solutions for agriculture, has decided to launch a mega promotion to buy Metallic Tutors  ( iron stakes / steel stakes ).

Metallic Tutors

Marketed and available sizes

Length (cm) Diameter (mm)
70 6
70 8
70 10
80 6
80 8
80 10
90 6
90 8
90 10
100 6
100 8
100 10
110 6
110 8
110 10
120 6
120 8
120 10
150 6
150 8
150 10