Vinomatos presents the new Oliva II - Ideal for olive groves and fruit trees! 

Oliva II

Planting Machine OLIVA-II

A smaller, more reliable and robust machine, thus minimizing waste, improving efficiency and increasing productivity.

- Satellite version machine, includes:
A chassis, a hydraulic block, one piles with the 2.50m option, an electric box with manual control.
- Orientation and satellite positioning includes:
A mobile base with a receiver, a guide bar, an antenna, a control box, a radio, a navigation controller, an on-board computer, an automaton and an electrical control box.
- The fixed base includes:
A receiver, an antenna, a radio, a support tripod and a carrying case for the equipment.
- Side loader:
Includes a bamboo holder, a hydraulic block and a manual electric control.

The irrigation system is an option in this version of the Oliva machine.

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