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Founded in Portugal in 1997, Vinomatos, Lda, has more than 40 years of experience of its managing partner, Georges Mandrafina, in the agricultural sector.

The adventure began in the 1980s, with the sector hungry for innovation and with enormous potential.

The history of Vinomatos shares the history and evolution of mechanized planting machines developed by Georges Mandrafina.

Vinomatos developed the first laser planting machine in 1982 and, five years later, launched the GPS-guided mechanized planting machine, the OLIVA, on the market. This machine allowed Vinomatos to grow exponentially, being currently a world reference in mechanized planting present in the largest vineyard and olive grove producers in Europe, North Africa, Chile, USA, Russia, among others.

Always attentive to the needs of its customers and in the search for new solutions, Vinomatos presented the RÉVOLUTION mechanized planting machine in 2020. From the 2021 season onwards, this machine will be a real revolution in the agricultural sector, allowing planting and wiring to be carried out in a single pass with enormous gains in productivity, time and cost savings.

Vinomatos has made an important path in the agricultural sector, through the development and innovation of work methods and equipment. But not only! Vinomatos has also grown in terms of its installed capacity. In 2020 it opened its Showroom in Seiça, Ourém (Portugal), and is under construction of new facilities in the Industrial Zone of Ourém, with more than 2400 m2 of covered area. Attentive to market trends, and in order to provide a complete response to its customers, Vinomatos currently has a wide range of tractors, equipment and agricultural products, and technical advice




Plantation Services

Vinomatos is your partner for “turnkey” projects, which offer a formula tailored to your planting needs. Vinomatos stands out for being a specialist in planting vines, olive groves, almond groves and other fruit trees.

World leader in mechanized planting, Vinomatos has 40 machines to plant all over the world. We are constantly developing solutions to adapt planting services to all types of terrain.

Among our customers are the largest producers of famous wine regions: Douro, Alentejo, Bordeaux, Napa Valey, among others.

In Portugal, we are witnessing a huge growth in olive, almond and orchard plantations, as well as new crops such as lemon, pistachio and pomegranate trees.

In France we are expanding our market to new regions, in the execution of vineyard and stone fruit.

Our differentiating brand and our ability to adapt in technical and logistical terms support our worldwide presence and allow us to value new solutions and search for new markets.

Plantation Machines

A Vinomatos garante aos seus clientes a escolha do produto e o sucesso dos projetos graças à sua experiência e às suas máquinas de plantação em contínua evolução.

As máquinas de plantação guiada por GPS, OLIVA e mais recentemente a nova máquina de plantar RÉVOLUTION,  dão a garantia de um alinhamento perfeito e permite evitar os problemas associados ao crescimento irregular das plantações. Usando todo um know-how de desenvolvimento e tecnologia na procura de maximização de resultados de serviço aos nossos clientes.

Em 2020, a Vinomatos lançou mais um equipamento capaz de revolucionar o setor agrícola a nível mundial: a máquina de plantação RÉVOLUTION, que permite rentabilizar de forma extraordinária os trabalhos de plantação, já que faz na mesma passagem e na mesma linha a plantação e aramação, permitindo praticamente finalizar um trabalho que atualmente obriga a diversos intervenientes e custos muito mais elevados.

Esta máquina de plantação guiada por GPS, realiza várias operações numa só passagem, a colocação do tutor, da planta, selada por injeção de água, colocação do poste intermédio, do arame, tubo de rega gota a gota e do fertilizante líquido ou sólido.

Esta nova geração de máquinas de plantar, com um sistema de duplo martelo permite colocar o tutor a uma profundidade de 40 centímetros e o poste intermédio a 70 centímetros, com nivelação automática pronta a plantar em terrenos com inclinação até 14%.

Agricultural Tractor Dealer

Vinomatos is a tractor dealer under its own brand VINOMATOS, FENDT and MASSEY FERGUSON, two brands of great credibility and recognized quality, with technological solutions that ensure perfect work on any farm. Invest in highly reliable, robust and reliable equipment.

Equipment and Materials for Agriculture

When executing your project, Vinomatos has at its disposal a wide range of materials, from tutors, wires, posts, protectors and all the accessories essential for planting and wiring work.

The company also offers a wide range of products for agriculture, namely spraying equipment and atomizers, weeders, interceptors, drills, agricultural trailers, splitters and front loaders and all types of agricultural implements, as well as stainless steel vats, storage boxes , fertilizers, pruning material / grafting material and everything you need for efficient and complete use.

At Vinomatos you will find more than 30 national and international brands, at your disposal at the Vinomatos Store, discover a new Vinomatos world, now closer to you, in the industrial area of ​​Ourém. Discover all kinds of equipment and materials for Agriculture, Plantation, Civil Construction, Professional Tools and Accessories, Gardening and DIY.

Partner Brands: Vinomatos, Fendt, Goldoni, Massey Ferguson, Dieci, Liugong, CF Moto, Mitt, DJI, KPC, Imcoinsa, Fatal, Nilfisk, Husqvarna, Hikoki, Einhell, Benza, ID-David, Braun, Dagnaud, Del Morino, Kirpy, Moreni, Niubo, Pecol, Mader, Medid, Mosh, Silgar, TMC Cancela, Trimble, VBC, Seco, Toro, MC Bio, Tortella, BlueBird and many more..

Garden and DIY Items

The prestigious brands HITACHI ( HIKOKI ) and HUSQVARNA are the new contractors of Vinomatos, which now has DIY equipment for professional and domestic use, from: miter saws, electric hammers, screwdrivers, drills, angle grinders, accessories from the Hikoki brands, Heinhell and many more.

You can also find chainsaws, brushcutters, washing machines, garden tractors and lawnmowers Husqvarna, Benza, among others. Vinomatos is a distributor of NILFISK in Portugal, a brand specializing in cleaning with various equipment for professionals and individuals, from: sweepers, high pressure washers and professional vacuum cleaners so that nothing is missing in your professional activity or various services

GPS Equipment for Agriculture

Vinomatos also offers a range of TRIMBLE products, namely GPS equipment, responding to the increasingly sophisticated and demanding nature of modern agriculture.

With these monitors, you will be able to carry out your agricultural tasks more and more rigorously, with all the precision you need, in a world where agriculture is gaining more and more importance, Vinomatos combines ecology and profitability, with a view to maintaining the good-being of everyone


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