About the company

The company Vinomatos with 40 years of activity was born from the experience of a French company that operated for 3 decades in the best French vineyards.

Its clients were big companies such as Cheval Blanc, Chateau d' Eyquem, Brion Haut, among many other prestigious producers.

World leader in mechanized planting, Vinomatos proposes "turnkey" programs, offering all kinds of plants, being specialized in vineyards planting, olive groves and orchard planting. The company is a world leader in mechanized planting of vineyards, olive groves and orchard, such as apple trees, pear trees, pomegranates…

Vinomatos guarantees the choice of the product and the success of the projects, thanks to its experience and its planting machines, more and more sophisticated.

One of Vinomatos biggest bets are the GPS-guided planting machines. The satellite gives the guarantee of perfect alignment and allows to avoid the problems associated with the irregular growth of the plantations.

In addition to the mechanized plantations, Vinomatos also commercializes a range of products for agriculture, such as spraying equipments, agricultural trailers and frontal loaders, among others.

Vinomatos is Fendt and Landini dealer as well. These are two sophisticated brands with great credibility, technologically the most advanced on the market.

Vinomatos also offers a range of Trimble products, including GPS devices, considering the nature of increasingly sophisticated and demanding of modern agriculture.

With these monitors, you can perform your agricultural tasks in an increasingly rigorous way and with all the precision you need. In a world where agriculture is gaining more and more importance, Vinomatos combines ecology and profitability with a view to maintaining the well-being of all.

Vinomatos is specialist in mechanized planting services with more than 30 years of experience in satellite planting. Our company has been working in the most beautiful lands of France.

Today, our company has a story to tell and it is a reference in terms of mechanized planting. In Andalusia, for example, Vinomatos has planted thousands of hectares of olive trees.

We are leaders in vineyard planting, using our GPS-guided planting machine. Turnkey Project for planting vineyards:


- Research, land analysis, evaluation to determine plant varieties, fertilization methods and crops;

- Land preparation;

- Fertilization;

- Implementation of irrigation system;

- Plant and tutor;

- Installation of trellising structure;


Our company has more than 30 machines working around the world, in countries such as France, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.

It is a planting machine, unique in the world, since it allows a quick and precise planting process. With this system, you can save time and money, monetizing your production.