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Vineyard and Orchard Protectors

Promote plant development and are excellent protection against mechanical action, weather damage (hail, wind) or physical damage caused by pests, animals and rodents.


Bamboo Tutors

Our bamboo tutors come directly from southern China, they are the Tonkin Bamboo species, simply the most widely used species in agriculture: in vineyards, olive groves, almond trees, fruit trees and all kinds of plants, which gives them quality and durability.



Protecting against pests, diseases and insects and making nutrients available to plants are among the key practices to ensure productivity in the field. And to ensure that the products used reach the desired target, it is recommended to use a quality agricultural sprayer.



Fertilizers can be applied to a large number of plantations, generally across the land, or located, so they can promote one or more nutrients essential to plant growth.