Agricultural Sprayer

Protecting against pests, diseases and insects and providing nutrients to plants are among the key practices to ensure productivity in the field. To ensure that the products used reach the desired target, the use of a quality agricultural sprayer is recommended. Spraying can bring excellent results for agriculture, provided it is applied correctly. Errors in handling or spraying, product selection, and others may adversely affect the result.
Vinomatos, LDA, a company specialized in agricultural products and services, every day seeks the best solutions, giving priority to the quality of the material, never neglecting the price / quality ratio so that we can offer our market the best products and services.


Sprayer Jet Control 2200 (2000L.)


-Full emptying polyethylene tank
-Circuit wash tank and hand wash tank
-External level indicator
-2000 liters capacity
-Adjustable support foot for 660 and 1100
-Gear multiplier
-Automatically filled external suction filter
-Electric on / off control
-kit lighting system
-No gimbal joint
-Self cleaning filter


Jet Control

Sprayer Jet Gita 2200 (2000L.)


-Full emptying polyethylene tank
-Circuit wash tank without connections
-Hand wash tank
-Painted steel chassis
-Foot support
-Remote 3-way pressure regulating valve on tractor
-Automatically filled external suction filter
-Hydraulic stirrer
-No gimbal joint
-2000 liters capacity

Jet Gita

An agricultural sprayer is equipment that assists in combating pests, diseases, insects or various other threats. It can also help in fertilizer distribution and is therefore one of the key working tools in the field.

Valid on one unit only.


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