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Every day we look for the best solutions, giving priority to the quality of the material, never neglecting the quality / price ratio so that we can offer our market the best products and services always at very competitive prices.

So if you are looking for bamboo tutor at an unprecedented price, we have launched a mega promotion on bamboo tutors at an exceptional price, so you can avoid unforeseen events this year, thus ensuring excellent storing of the plant and its plantations.

In this way we extend our products and services to all those who need them, even if they are currently not actual customers of the company.

Our bamboo tutors come directly from southern China, they are the Tonkin Bamboo species, simply the most widely used species in agriculture: in olive groves, almond trees, fruit trees and all kinds of plants. which gives them superior quality and durability.

At a time when many entrepreneurs are looking for reliable, durable and economical solutions to start their 2019 plantations, Vinomatos, Lda., A leading company in agricultural solutions, has decided to launch a mega promotion on their Bamboo Tutors.

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The difference between our Bamboo and our competitors ...
As already described our bamboo tutors come directly from southern China, they are Tonkin species, the most widely used species in agricultural plantations. But only this factor is not the total guarantee of its quality ...

The Bamboo Tutor is not born as it comes into your hands. This is subjected to a previous process of treatment and selection, and then cuts are applied to the measures requested by the market.

The type of cut, whether first or second cut, can influence the strength and durability of the bamboo tutor.

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