Vinomatos | Looking for an Electric Motorcycle?



Valid until: 28/02/2022

Vinomatos | Looking for an Electric Motorcycle?

We are proud to introduce the latest addition to the Vinomatos family: the XLY electric motorcycle, our first performance and environmentally responsible electric two-wheeler.

If you're worried about CO2 emissions and your wallet, know that electric motorcycles can be your best ally. The purchase of these zero-emission two-wheelers is increasing, not by chance.

Vinomatos has in stock the XLY electric motorcycle model with a 250 W engine in stock. This electric motorcycle has na autonomy of up to 60 km, depending on the driving style.

This vehicle can benefit from the portuguese environmental fund that encourages the introduction of low-emission vehicles for consumption.

All reasons more than enough for this electric motorcycle to be a success in your hands.

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