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Chainsaw Husqvarna & Firewood Splitter

Are you already preparing firewood for autumn/winter? The drop in temperatures is evident and over time tends to get worse. The blankets are starting to be insufficient and the electric heating of houses is not cheap, so we have to get to work.

Vinomatos company has solutions so that you can split wood quickly, safely and effortlessly. We have machines and equipment for occasional or regular use, by professionals or those who do not normally use this machinery.

Firewood Splitters / Firewood Splitter Machines

Highlights: the wood splitters. We have several vertical, horizontal, fixed, towable and other models, so you can choose the model that best suits your needs, always with the support and technical advice of our professionals in the store, also available through Vinomatos company digital channels.

In the Vinomatos Store you can find the models:

- 5 ton wood splitter (electric, horizontal, 52 cm cutting length)

- 8 ton wood splitter (electric, vertical, 55 cm cutting length)

- 24 ton wood splitter (gasoline, vertical and horizontal with 610mm cut)

Compared to using the ax or chainsaw method to cut firewood, without a doubt a wood splitter will make your work easier, with less effort, more practicality and quickly you will be able to obtain the firewood you need.

Husqvarna Chainsaw Official Dealer

Chainsaws are our allies in felling, pruning, cutting firewood and other jobs. A real chainsaw, with the right power for the right jobs, makes all the difference. Husqvarna chainsaws are light, efficient and extremely easy to start and maneuver. All of them have an X-TORQ® engine which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and reduces consumption.

We trust the Husqvarna brand, of which Vinomatos is an official dealer, which has experience in the manufacture of chainsaws since 1959. We have several models of chainsaws available in our store in Ourém, from the professional chainsaw for daily use to the simpler and lighter one. Husqvarna chainsaws up to 70.7cc

Professional forestry work requires reliable and durable equipment. While the easiest gardening chainsaw tasks may require less muscle, they still need to be easy to handle. And, in between, a landowner or farmer benefits most from a versatile and flexible tool. Husqvarna's range of chainsaws offer the ideal combination of maneuverability, durability and cutting ability - tailor-made for virtually every requirement, making it easy to tackle any challenge, however difficult.

In the world of chainsaws we highlight the best seller: Husqvarna 120 Mark II in stock. Today we have it, tomorrow we don't guarantee it! It's even a versatile chainsaw that will allow you to perform occasional cutting, felling and pruning tasks. With the prestigious environmentally friendly X-TORQ® engine, this machine is pleasantly easy to transport at just 4.8 kg without cutting equipment. A chainsaw that for many reasons offers a great return on your investment!

In all equipment, Vinomatos has professional technical advice in store or through digital channels, and there is also the possibility of after-sales technical assistance. Find us in Ourém (Portugal), in the Zona Industrial de ​​Casal dos Frades, and the Vinomatos store is open every day, from Monday to Sunday. Take advantage of this opportunity now!

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