vineyard planting machine

Vinomatos is world leader in mechanized planting services and manufacturer of satellite-guided planting machines. We work with sophisticated planting machines for vineyard, olive and orchard. 

With this system, you can overcome all the problems caused by anarchic growth of plantations! With Vinomatos' planting machines, the plant and its tutor are placed in the precise location, defined by the GPS. 

Experience has shown that the GPS-guided planters have a greater income than any other machine. 

This machinery guarantees an incomparable effectiveness in the super intensive plantations, guaranteeing the success of your vineyard plantation, olive grove and orchard. 

Plantations made with our GPS-guided planter are much more accurate than any other planting method. Planting with our planting machine is much more accurate than any other planting method. The more accurate and rigorous a crop is, the easier it will be to work on that plot, with superior profitability.

gps-guided planting machine

vineyard planting machine2

vineyard mechanized planting

   We have decades of know-how in the execution of planting work and the manufacture of planting machines.