Vinomatos | Grape Harvest Shears



Campaign valid until: 10/08/2021

Vinomatos | Grape Harvest Shears

At this time of harvesting the bunches of grapes, our company Vinomatos launched a campaign of battery-powered, cordless grape harvest shears, and traditional shears, also used in light pruning and for intensive use.

The wide range of grape harvest shears is now available at the Vinomatos Showroom in Casal Touro, Ourém, at attractive prices. The models 1 and 2 of traditional harvesting scissors are highly recommended as they are very light, malleable and with a sliding cutting head, so that you obtain efficiency without great effort, while conveniently accessing the stalks for cutting and thinning.

The professional scissors manufactured by Blue Bird are suitable for both harvesting and pruning, thus having a resistant material that will allow you to do different jobs at different times of the year. Designed for intensive use, they are easily rechargeable and have no wires for comfort. As they are the battery, they do not require great effort by the user, guaranteeing at the same time a perfect and even cleaner cut.

Buy your scissors for life at the Vinomatos Showroom in Casal Touro, Ourém - Portugal.

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