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Valid until: 11/05/2021

Professional Lawnmower Tractors and Cutters

As the forest fire season and summer approach, it is important to reinforce the cleaning of land, gardens, and weed. We present you the range of lawnmower tractors and cutters for professional or domestic users of the Seco brand, which Vinomatos is an official distributor.

The high performance of Seco equipments allows high productivity is very easy to maneuver in small spaces. The main technical advantages include maximum control, adequate protection and the fact that the cross-country tractors are suitable for the maintenance of road side ditches, tall gorse, grass near lakes, etc. Anti-fall protection reinforced with anti-overturning arch for maximum safety.

With the lawnmower tractors, you will achieve the perfection of your garden in the shortest possible time.

Strengthen your work team with this ally who promises to make a difference!

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