Vinomatos also provides stakes and posts of treated wood that are produced from slow-growing pine trees and have high mechanical strength.

With a long duration, with diameters equipped with agricultural machines, these poles accept all type of trellising.

The mechanical resistance to winds and the weight of the vegetation is insurmountable and its conical shape makes it difficult to get out of the ground. Vinomatos also offers a range of agricultural accessories such as pliers, gripples and trellising of superior durability at competitive prices, as well as a wide range of nets, ties, tensioners, forks and galvanized chains. 


Conical wooden posts

Vacuum and pressure treated posts with full post penetration, with various sizes available.


Metallic posts

In addition to this range of wooden posts, our company also offers metal posts with very high mechanical resistance, great stability and excellent twisting. Our metallic posts are made of galvanized steel and with dimensions adapted to the needs of the customers.

postes torneados