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  • The 4 Series is the very latest addition to the Landini tractor family. Designed to replace the Alpine and Technofarm series with a single, more versatile range, the 4 Series fully revolutionizes Landini’s low- and medium-power segment. The range comprises six models, all powered by new Deutz four-cylinder turbo engines with intercooler and common rail...

  • Specially developed to replace the Technofarm tractor family, the 4D Series is a new range of sturdy and simple tractors designed to deliver new levels of performance. The 4D Series incorporates advanced technical solutions that minimise operating costs while providing a perfect combination of ruggedness and reliability, making this tractor ideal for...

  • Three years after its launch in 2012, the 5H tractor range is now revamped with a newly redesigned cab. Featuring a four-post design with flat-deck platform and rear hinged doors, the new cab provides ease of access to the driver’s seat and unequalled allround visibility. The cab interior is designed with painstaking attention to every detail.

  • Developed to replace the popular Landpower range, the 6L Series has been launched on the European market in three models: The 6-145L, 6-160L and 6-175L. Powered by 16-valve, 4.5-liter Tier 4 Interim engines with SCR system that deliver 143, 163 and 176 hp, these tractors are ideally suited for all kinds of field work, including heavy-duty applications.

  • The 7 SERIES LANDINI Tier 4 Final: equipped with new 6-cylinder FPT – NEF Tier 4 Final engines, this series features a 2,820 mm standardized wheelbase.

  • New styling, new components and new features make the new “REX 4” series a much wider choice of models for all specialist tasks. As well as the two versions for orchards, F, GT, there are numerous variants and options allowing customers to optimize their choice to suit their requirements and ensure low cost of ownership during its working life.

  • The Landini Trekker F and M are specialized crawler tractors offering enhanced features in terms of performance, ergonomics, functionality and design.

  • Engine: 1004D-4TA65; 4- cylinder, 3990,3 cm3, 65 kW, 87 hp;  Fuel tank capacity (L) - 80 Rated speed: 2200 rpm Dry air filters with safety element  Type of cooling system: water-cooled

  • Zheijang Xinchai 4- cylinder engine with 2670 cm3 Maximum power:  32,4 kW and 44hp Rated speed: 2400 rpm Type of cooling system: water-cooled

  • Engine: Changchai 4- cylinder, 2835,3 cm3, 44 kW, 60 hp;  Rated speed: 2200 rpm mechanical steering system Dry air filters with safety element  Diesel consumption: 11.4 L / h Water-cooling system

  • Lovol 1004D-4TA74 4-cylinder engine, 4400 cm3; Aspiration: turbo Maximum power: 74 kW and 100 hp Fuel tank capacity (L) - 145 Rated speed: 2200 rpm Dry air filter with safety element Diesel consumption: 18 L / h Water-cooling system

  • The 7000 Series equal-wheel tractors are available in two versions: IS with front wheel steering and AR with articulated steering. Both versions come standard with reversible driving position.

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