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  • Zheijang Xinchai 4- cylinder engine with 2670 cm3 Maximum power:  32,4 kW and 44hp Rated speed: 2400 rpm Type of cooling system: water-cooled

  • Engine: Changchai 4- cylinder, 2835,3 cm3, 44 kW, 60 hp;  Rated speed: 2200 rpm mechanical steering system Dry air filters with safety element  Diesel consumption: 11.4 L / h Water-cooling system

  • Lovol 1004D-4TA74 4-cylinder engine, 4400 cm3; Aspiration: turbo Maximum power: 74 kW and 100 hp Fuel tank capacity (L) - 145 Rated speed: 2200 rpm Dry air filter with safety element Diesel consumption: 18 L / h Water-cooling system

  • Sprayer with recovery screens, incorporating four turbines equipped with centrifugal spray nozzles. This sprayer requires very little energy, which implies a very low fuel consumption during your treatments. Confined treatment cells can treat two complete lines.  

  • Changchai 4- cylinder engine, 2670 cm3, 59 hp;  Rated speed: 2400 rpm Type of cooling system: water-cooled Fuel tank capacity (L) - 78 Type of steering system: mechanical Dry air filters with safety elemento Diesel consumption: 11.7 L / h  

  • Most advanced solution in the market, intuitive, touchscreen, high definition and Android system that allows you to add specific apps.   Screen size: 12.1” (30.8 cm) Touchscreen Video camera input: 1 Built-in GPS receiver: 1

  • With these protectors you can:  Protect your plants; Facilitate the weed control; Protects from pests and rodents animals; Provide barrier for the hail, wind and most weed control mechanisms; 

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