Pruning Sweepers 

  • Sweeper for branches of fruit tree pruning. Hydraulic powered tractor, equipped with a disc with 6 nylon fingers. 

  • Sweeper for fruit trees pruning. Hydraulic height working adjustment.

  • Reinforced pruning sweeper.

  • The pruning sweeper is suitable for vineyards that may or may not be pre-pruned. It allows the adjustment of the working height, with the two independent sides and manual adjustment of the working width.

  • Machine adapted to the front of the tractor allowing to perform two operations at once: aligning pruning branches and grinding or collecting them at rear.

  • Machine specially designed for orchards. Adaptable to the front of the tractor, which allows to perform two tasks simultaneously: align the pruning branches and grind them. It allows width and height adjustment of each independent aligner arm.

  • Machine specially designed for super-intensive olive groves. Adaptable to the front of the tractor, allowing the alignment of the pruning branches. 

  • Pruning sweepers indicated for large diameter branches in olive, almond or citrus plantations. It is adaptable to all types of terrain and allows manual lateral movement with the option of including a hydraulic cylinder.

  • Sweeper for pruning branches for olives trees, almond, peach, citrus trees. 

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