Orchard Pruner 

  • Trimming saw machine for orchards for cutting of 10 cm of branches and frame with 4 electro-hydraulic displacements.

  • New high density-spindle orchard pruner suitable in all kind of varieties like apples, apricots, cherries, olives until 4m (13’) high of the trees. The single acting sickle bar with teeth can work with branches up to Ø 3-4 cm (1,2”-1,6”).

  • New orchard pruner with frame with parallelogram arms and single bar with heavy duty sickle bar for pruning branches up to 6 cm. This machine is suitable for traditional, “V” and hedge row systems like olive, peaches, prunes and forestry.

  • Pruning machine made of cutting bars with knife, which is able to cut branches up to 4 cm and innovative frame with 4 hydraulic movements which can be used in any kind of orchards.

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